Simco Holdings Ltd

               Simco Holdings Ltd, 26 Shah Jalal Avenue, 13th Floor, Azampur, Uttara, Sector 4

Job Details

Name of the Post : Assistant Site Engineer No. of Post : 05
Job Type : Full Time Gender : Male
Age Range : 18 - 35 Years      

Educational Qualification: Diploma in Civil Engineering with minimum 2 years experience

Date of commencement of Employment  :

The appointment is effective for joining January 1, 2020

Probationary Period:

You will on probation for a period of Six months. At the end probation you will be confirmed if your services are found to be satisfactory and up to the standard required by the company. During the probation period your services may be discontinued if unsatisfactory.

Reporting Address:

Simco Holdings Ltd, 26 Shah Jalal Avenue, 13th Floor, Azampur, Uttara, Sector 4


Monthly Salary of Tk : 17,500.00 + Tk 2,000 Conveyance + Tk 500 Mobile Bill

Duties and Responsibilities:

You will carry out your duties in accordance with the instructions you will receive from the management from time to time. However a broad outline of your duties is as follows:

- Monitor and supervise contractors involved in the companies construction projects and follow up on all aspects of the construction on-site of Simco Holdings Ltd

- Make sure the entire projects construction is according to the building standards set forth in the Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC) and American Concrete Institute (ACI) standards.

- Head Site Engineer is obliged to monitor all aspects of quality of construction and management of the appointed site and you will be accountable to him and the top management of the company.

- He must be able to work with the Architect and Structural Engineer of the project as follows:

  • Must accompany Architect and Structural Engineer during their visits to the site.
  • Understand and implement all requirements or modifications requested to the project design by Architect and Structural Engineer.
  • Maintain tight deadlines on site. Ensure and enforce deadlines on contractors.
  • Able to build and maintain teamand excellent communication skills in writing in English.

- Excellent understanding about construction safety and compliance requirements.   

Exclusively of Employment:

You are required to work exclusively for Simco Holdings Ltd and not to engage in any outside Employment or business activities during your tenure in the company.

Furthermore neither the company’s name nor any of its facilities may be used for any other purpose What-so-ever, other than for the company’s own business requirements.

Working Hours & Leave:

 Your working hours and week will follow company policy. It might be necessary to be at site all days of the week according to the construction needs of the company. In general, you are required to be at the site Full time 7 days a week. You will be allowed to enjoy the leave facility as per company leave policy.

Termination of Service:

The employment may be terminated by company during probation period without notice.
Thereafter, the employment may be terminated by either party giving notice as per prevailing legal provision with one month notice period. At termination you will return to the company all papers and documents or any other property of the company and not keep any copies.

Code of Conduct:

You shall abide by the following Code of Contract any violation of this Code of Conduct shall be treated as misconduct and you shall be dealt with severely.

  • You will not indulge in any form of corruption, quid pro quo or any type of financial benefits or gifts that will harm the company or result in benefits to suppliers or contractors of Simco Holdings Ltd. Any such corruption will be met with a zero tolerance policy and will result in immediate termination of job contract without payment of any dues owed.
  • During your employment with us and thereafter, you will keep strict secrecy regarding the business of the company and you will not divulge to any person, firm or entity whatsoever your salary increments and emoluments and all confidential information of any description.
  •  You shall be the full-time employee of the management and shall not engage yourself in any other work, profession or business either honorary or otherwise during the period of your employment without first obtaining written permission from the management.
  • You will confirm to all rules and regulations in force and carry out all lawful Orders/Instructions /Directions of your supervisors as given to you in connection with the day to day discharge of your duties while in employment of this company.
Last date of Apply: 2020-01-20

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13th Floor, Azampur, Uttara, Sector 4

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